Aseel Brodd is the key orchestrator at Healthy Star. When she’s not a busy spouse or is mothering her twins she spends her days wondering how to combine her two other loves, tasty food and health.

Now many people might believe that this blog is about her being some sort of healthy star or even a Michelin star chef. It’s not!

So, what is it all about? Well… we are here because we want to help you become a healthy star, or even a superstar. (After all we believe that the sky is the limit)

However, you (like many others), may say that healthy food isn’t exactly tasty or it is very time consuming to cook. It is hard work to plan, shop and prep your meals every single week. That’s why Healthy Star’s goal is simple. We want to enable you to make healthier, simpler and tastier food.

This means that we recommend

  • Eating clean whole foods that are poison free and also more nutrient dense
  • Use locally sourced food as much as possible. Food tastes better when in season and absolutely fresh
  • Maintaining good portion control. Here we’ll help you by sharing the nutrition information for each meal

Also picture this

  • Clicking twice and getting healthy food choices delivered to your door. When we believe that an ingredient we use can be bought cost effectively online we normally recommend our favorite brands and share the affiliate links to that store. This way you won’t just save money on gas, you’ll also save your most valuable asset – your time.
  • In a similar fashion, cooking can be very time consuming especially when you don’t have the right tools, but so can finding the right tool and where to buy it. Rest assured, we will help you purchase tools and equipment you need so cooking can become not just a chore, but something you love to do! 

We hope that cooking your own meals with us will save you time and keep you and your family healthy and feeling great. Let us help you orchestrate your kitchen into a machine for fresh, light meals, your whole family will be delighted to eat.

Most of us need some motivation to stay on the healthy track. To help you stay motivated and eating healthy, we update our site weekly and provide short videos for all the meals we create. To ensure you get a weekly dose of inspiration we recommend you subscribe to our email list right now and stay tuned.

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