Cooking Hacks – Mango, Corn & Herbs


Hack #1: Mango Slicer

My love for mango? Eating, yes… Cutting them? No!

Fortunately there’s now a tool that easily removes the seeds and cuts the fruit in half. I use the following which has sturdy design, making it both durable and sharp:

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Hack #2: Stripping Corn

Corn is another juicy side dish that brings a delightful sweetness to most recipes. The following one gets the job done in an excellent way. Furthermore the compact design limits the shelf space.

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Hack #3: Herb Stripper

What would food be like without spices? Not much if you ask me. So here’s another very useful and easy to use kitchen tool. It strips your herbs in seconds! Just like the corn stripper, this one is also very small and easily fits in any kitchen.

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What’s your favorite kitchen tool or cooking hack? Please comment.