Cooking Hacks and Tricks


Hack #1: Spiralizers

Spiralizers? This small gizmo is super fun! In my house it fills two purposes. They give your classic veggie recipes a twist. In fact, we’re eating more veggies after this gadget was introduced in my house. For those of you with young kids it’s also a great way to introduce a new “pasta” to your home! 😜

I use the following spiralizer.

I picked it because of it’s so small and that it even comes in a 3-in-1 package. It has also turned out to be very durable. I like its design and that it gives me plenty of options on how to cut both veggies and fruit. Affiliate link:

Hack #2: Get All the Juices Out

How do you get all the juices out of your lemon or line? It’s really just a matter of having the right tool. I use the following lemon squeezer particularly because I think it looks good and that it has a very robust design.

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Hack #3: Cut Safely

Safety is obviously the ultimate goal in any kitchen. I have had quite a few knife accidents. Guess, what, it’s not fun to cut your fingers. 🙁 So please be mindful that your safety must be first priority when making food for yourself and your loved ones. One way to improve your safety is to make sure your cutting board is steady. Cut a small peace of drawer liner the size of your cutting board and it should be enough to hold it well.

I’ve only used one drawer liner so I couldn’t tell you whether one is better than the other. However, I know the one I use work:

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