A healthy breakfast is the foundation in any healthy lifestyle. It's not necessarily so that the nutrients from this one meal is so critical. Rather, a healthy breakfast sets the tone for the day.

In fact, research shows that this meal can have a tremendous effect on your psyche. The logic is simple. Start the day with a healthy breakfast and you're more likely to strive to continue on the healthy food path. If you instead start off the day with an unhealthy meal it's unfortunately much more likely that you'll say something like "I already cheated today, so what difference does it make if I cheat a little more" and from there it goes on.

So in order to help you get out of a potentially vicious circle and into a more positive one, we've compiled this list of healthy easy recipes. We sincerely hope these will help you set the tone for what's to come during the rest of your day.

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Mushroom Omelette
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