Healthy dinners and lunches is what the majority of us are yearning for. And we want such with top notch taste. With all these demands, very frequently a significant number of us come up short on healthy dinner ideas as well as what to make for lunch.

Not knowing what to cook, we clearly refrain to the most straightforward solution. We do what we've tested and tried previously. However, a considerable amount of this food isn't as healthy as we try to eat.

Furthermore many individuals that don't cook as healthy as we long to, simply on the grounds that healthy cooking can be tedious. All things considered, who has time amongst errands and soccer practices to make a healthy dinner that takes 90 minutes to make? We need healthy easy recipes!

So I come with good news. This is precisely why we made this category of posts. It's a post category loaded with healthy dinner and lunch ideas. Good enough? No! We didn't stop there. We likewise ensured that these healthy dinners and lunches are nothing but easy to make and taste great.

Shrimps Healthy Salad
In today's recipe, I'm sharing a great way to enjoy some spice in a super simple salad. The secret sauce?[...]
Lentil Salad
Ingredients serves 2 1 cup cooked sweet potatoes 1 cup cooked lentils 1 cup cooked cauliflower 1/4 cup red onions[...]
21 Day fix Meatballs and Cauliflower Mix
Portion control is one of the most important things to stay fit. It is so easy to lose track during[...]
Mexican Zucchini Boats
This recipe is so much a fun to make and it's kids friendly, while loaded with flavors. It ONLY took 25 minutes[...]
Veggie Burgers With Tahini Sauce And Pita Bread
Ingredients Serves 2 For the sauce: 1/2 cup tahini 1/ cup Greek yogurt 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp Himalayan[...]
Easy to Pack Lunch for the Pool
We all love the pool! But the truth is that these visits easily result in our kids eating ice cream, hot[...]
Chicken Quinoa Salad
Quinoa is one of the great grains that I like to use in our dishes. You can always boil it[...]
Couscous Lettuce Boats
Pool and staying cool. A good recipe for the summer. If that doesn't keep you satisfied, here's a sidedish that's[...]
Asian Zoodle
Asian cuisines have a special place in my heart. You can make these meals with low calories while filling them[...]
Vegetarian Quinoa Avocado Bowl
Easy and cold... that's the way I want my lunches on hot summer days. Here's what I do, I cook the quinoa[...]
Vegan Curry
For a variety of health reasons, many people are going vegan. When they do, I get constant reports on how[...]
Grilled Pork with Carrots and Peppers relish
The number of people following the paleo diet is remarkable. While a little bit skeptical at first, I've come to[...]
Chicken with Coconut Cream and Noodles
Cleaning, laundry, chores and kids activities... Did you ever have such a busy Saturday that you were ready to eat anything[...]
Shrimp Salad
Salads are a great way to enjoy lunch. Especially so when it's a simple recipe, loaded with veggies and greens that gives[...]
Gyro Healthy Way
A gyro is a greek dish, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. In this recipe, I am making it[...]
Quinoa Mango Salad
Hello summer! Or am I too early? Anyways, this bowl contains a great summer combination. It's a recipe for a lazy[...]
Healthy grilled chicken with garbanzo bean salad
Here is another simple recipe to welcome the long waited summer with. Cooking in the kitchen when weather is so[...]
Black beans Mexican bowl with tortilla chips
When you have people over and you want to cook something really simple, this can be a good go to recipe.[...]
Brown rice salad mix
Thanks to the olives and herbs this salad makes a flavorful side dish. I particularly love it with grilled chicken. And[...]
Shrimps with Coconut Milk and Avocado
Coconut is one of my favorite ingredients. I love the flavor, that it's dairy free and healthy.  Coconuts are highly nutritious[...]
How to Make Paleo Pork with Red Beets Relish
By now, you've probably heard of the paleo diet, the one focused on eating like "we used to eat back in the[...]
Tacos Vegetarian way
I never get tired of Mexican food. The amazing herbs and spices make it both healthy and fun to eat.[...]
Lamb Chops and Sweet Peas
Lamb Chops are such a wonderful weekend treat. Not only are they tender and soft, their taste also have a[...]
Butternut Squash side dish
This colorful recipe will give you a great addition in your fiber intake. Quite frankly I was never a big[...]
Indian Vegetarian Gourmet
I always feel great after eating vegetarian meals. Not only do they make me more energetic, they also make me feel lighter.[...]
Salmon Burger
These salmon burgers are easy to make and end up both juicy and delicious. More so, many people find them[...]
Flank Steak Salad
The richness of the cheese and shallots adds an amazing taste to this salad. Just cut the flank steak in[...]
Overnight Salad
This salad has some amazing flavors. As I mentioned in one earlier recipe this week, barley has some amazing health benefits (see[...]
Barley with Pork Chops
Did you conclude yet that pasta isn't the healthiest choice? Ok, so what's then a nice pasta replacement? I struggled with this question for a[...]
Almond Chicken
The benefit of almonds is plentiful but the taste of it is the best! This recipe has a great nutty flavor and it[...]
Chicken Neapolitan
  Ketogenic? Another hideous diet? Certainly not if you ask me! The ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet. YES you[...]
Sun Basket Braised Chicken with Carrots Potatoes and Thyme
This recipe reminds me of Jacques Pepin's but this one is healthier. Easy to make and rich in flavors. Ingredients[...]
Sun Basket Orecchiette with Brussels Sprouts
Serves 2 Ingredients 5 ounces orecchiette 1 yellow onion Peeled fresh garlic ¾ pound Brussels sprouts 1 teaspoon Aleppo chile[...]
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts has a somewhat bitter and rough taste. But there’s nothing to do about that. Or is there? Add this amazing pickled[...]
Sun Basket Steak Fajita
Imagine having twins. As they arrive to your house, all the focus suddenly shifts towards feeding the two babies and keeping them healthy and clean. On top[...]
Chicken Cleansing Soup
Serves 4 to 5 people Ingredients: 1 Tbs coconut oil 1/4 cup diced onions 1 Tbs celtic sea salt 1/2[...]
Paleo Pork Chops and Salsa
If you are looking for an easy recipe and healthy. This one is for sure. It takes 25 minutes to[...]
Paleo Cauliflower Rice and Chicken
Paleo is becoming one of the most popular diets. I love trying new things and hope you do too. This[...]
Pesto Baked Chicken
Have you ever wondered how to make chicken breast with more flavors? This recipe adds great taste, the greens that[...]
Salmon with Mango Salsa
Melon with salmon? You are probably thinking that's weird. Well, that's what I did until I tried this combo 😃 However, the[...]
Zoodle Salad
My dream is to one day find a spaghetti that is purely healthy. Until that day, when I want to have[...]
Broccoli Quinoa Pasta
White pasta is high in carbs, right? On the other hand, who doesn't love pasta? It's hard to live without pasta on[...]
Salmon Panko Salad
Often when I go to the fish market I miss the years I lived in Sweden. Over there my fish came straight[...]
Chicken Bok Choy – Now On Top of Our Favorite List of Healthy Dinners
7 days ago I came across something wonderful; today's Chicken Bok Choy recipe! It quickly became a new favorite. Especially relevant is[...]
Quinoa Burgers: A Great Protein Rich Vegan Meal
 Once in a while we have a meat free day in our house. And when we do, these vegan quinoa[...]
Turkey Meatloaf
In Sweden we barely ever ate turkey meat nor meatloaf. However, these days they’re both two of my real favorites.[...]
Mango Shrimp Tortilla
A fabulous bouquet of flavors. That’s how I expect you to describe today’s recipe. Its rich palette of sweetness, spices[...]
French Garden Chicken
Here’s a lovely taste of France, perfect for that weekend celebration dinner. While not one of my recipes with the[...]
Carrot Chicken Curry
This recipe is actually an old family heirloom. So to a larger extent than ever - this recipe is from[...]
Make Your Turkey Meatballs Healthy Extra Veggie Style
In this recipe I'm sharing how you can make your turkey meatballs healthy. You see I lived in Sweden for many years. Since[...]
Chicken Feta Basil
  If you like basil (and who doesn’t?! 😜), I’m pretty sure you’ll find this recipe both simple, fast and tasty.[...]
Chicken Charm Salad
Few things are worse than a sad salad. You know what I mean, the type that’s so bland that the[...]
Chicken Veggie EASY Bake!
It was a rainy day in October 2001. I remember it like yesterday… the first and only time in my[...]