Our Trip To Sweden – Part 1

Rather than posting another recipe, today I’m writing about something different …

But first of all, how is it already Day 19 of our 34 day trip?!? It’s amazing how quick time flies by when you’re having fun!

This is the first time for quite awhile we’re able to take such a long time off and especially so for my husband who used to travel a lot. So this year we decided to go and spend time with family in Sweden. It’s such a beautiful place to visit in the summer. Also, it’s nice to be away and not to spend so much time in front of the screen. The trip has been so good for us. We’re spending quality time together and we’re making life-long memories as a family.

There’s part of me who wishes we traveled full-time. But I’ll be quick to say that the other part of me loves our community in Dublin OH, the routine and rhythm of our simple life.

While we were waiting for the lunch my mother in law is making, I finally got in some blogging time. I love that I can take my laptop with me and work pretty much anywhere.

Before I left for this trip, I worked hard to make sure things were in good shape business-wise, I made my videos to clear my schedule so that I didn’t have any extra tasks while I was gone, and I decided to only focus on doing the basics + blogging/posting on social media about our trip and some videos while I was gone. This meant that I was able to cut back to only needing to work about 2 hours per day, instead of my usual 7-8 hours.

First we visited my family. They live in Stockholm. It’s a beautiful city and full of fun and amazing things to do. The water view is also stunningly charming. And the food is so good too!

There are many new healthy food restaurants in Stockholm. Even though Swedes have a pretty good understanding of what is healthy and what is not, it was still good to see that there is, even more, choices for people to choose from.

At the Slott, which means castle 😉

This place is so close to where my parents live and was a great outing for us and the kids. There we pet horses, fed the ducks and had the best Ice Cream called GB Glass.

Feeding the Horses

The water view is almost everywhere you go 

In the old parts of Stockholm

This city is so beautiful with it’s colors and old city feeling. This place is called Gamla Stan. It means the old city. The town dates back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and archaic architecture. Funny enough, a 13th century city is not considered that old in Sweden.

Military Days 

This is one of the castles where my husband served some of his days in the military. For a week, my husband lead the team here who protects the castle where the king lives.

At the farm cutting wood 

This is the place where my wonderful mother-in-law lives. It has so much to offer. Just having this quiet time where you don’t have to hear anything but the nature, is such a healing for the soul. And certainly the kids didn’t find any time to get bored. They even did some hard work and had a blast while trying new things.


My mother-in-law’s vegetable garden 

Nature and walking 

It was such an amazing feeling walking in the middle of nature where you can find amazing flowers and quiet time to just soak in the beautiful nature. Sometimes we all need that time where we can just relax and listen to our inner soul.

It’s not only food that can heal our bodies but certainly also quality time with family and friends.